Tuesday 2 August 2022

Upper Hull | Primer!

The long awaited day came when paint was finally applied to the upper hull.

The first coat of primer was predictably patchy, like this.

After two more coats the upper hull looked a lot smarter, as in this pic.

It will require at least one more coat of primer, and probably more. Then I will sand it with a P220 grit to get a smooth, solid colour base for the gloss.

The area on the cabin roof where the companionway hood will be fitted required more primer after I sanded it a bit too aggressively. Here it is after six coats, and still not good enough for gloss.

This leads me to think that six coats at least will be required on the rest of the upper hull. Thus far I have used up a 2.5 litre tin of primer, so it was inevitable that another one would be required. Luckily I had already purchased another tin in anticipation of running out!

Looking good ....

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