Tuesday 23 August 2022

Companionway Hood | Installation

The time had come to install the companionway hood.

The test fit had been a success so I didn't anticipate any structural issues but I did see the opportunity to make a real mess with squeezed out epoxy inside the hood.

So I carefully masked off any areas which would be affected. This is the cabin roof with its protective tape.

During the test fit I checked that there was enough room for me reach inside to pull the tape during installation. There was.

Likewise here is the hood, all taped up.

I pencilled in where the hood would sit on the cabin roof and applied a moderate amount of thickened epoxy glue - enough to fill the joint but not too much to cause serious squeeze out.

Voice of experience.

The installation went smoothly and the hood was soon in place with temporary screws closing the joint tightly.

Here is the hood viewed from the front.

I scraped and wiped away excess epoxy on the roof outside and inside the hood, and pulled the tape. All went well. Here is a view of the hood's interior.

Not bad at all. Fillets next... not looking forward to that!

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