Thursday 7 July 2022

Mast, Spars & Other Bits | Re-varnishing (2)

The mast, bowsprit and boom gallows eventually received seven coats of varnish and were stored away to provide room for the rest of the spars and components to be varnished.

The tiller and drop board retainers had been sanded back to bare wood following their initial and unsuccessful varnishing. They then got eight coats applied by roller and tipped out with a foam brush. They turned out nice.

The boom and gaff were lightly sanded to provide a decent surface, again following an unsuccessful first attempt at varnishing. Four coats of varnish followed. Roller and foam brush again worked well.

Here are all the parts after the final coat of varnish.

I was able varnish all sides of the tiller and drop board retainers at once by holding them upright with spring clamps.

Once the varnish had hardened I moved everything into the house, out of harm's way.

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