Thursday 7 July 2022

Flipping The Boat | Over She Goes Again!

The date for flipping PocketShip upright was set for Friday 1st July, at 7pm.

Some of the original flip team members were re-recruited, and some new ones persuaded to join.

I put six sheets of Sterling board down on the gravel drive again, to provide a flat surface for feet and wheels.

We raided the house for carpeting, and laid that down to provide a soft surface for the boat's paintwork.

The wheels were fitted to the build cradle, and beer and wine was put to chill.

The day and the time arrived, and the crew assembled.

I briefed the team on what we were going to do, confident that based on experience from last August the task was really quite straightforward.

And so it proved. Here we are carrying the boat out of the garage - sorry, workshop.

Four or five people on each side can lift it easily.

Next the boat was turned over. Like this.

And then it was carefully set down on its keel.

The now redundant dollies were removed and the strengthened build cradle was pushed into place, and the boat was carried in and installed back in its cradle.

The relieved builder enjoyed a glass of something cold...

As last time MVLW (my very lovely wife) cooked up a delicious supper, and Nicky kindly provided delicious salads. Thanks ladies!

It was a very happy and satisfying evening.

The next day I checked that all was well, and it was.

Here is the boat, finally upright and resplendent.

Massive thanks to Andy and Rain, Rod, Pete, Nick, Duncan, Kevin and Alison, Pete and Nicky, MVLW, and Moth and Jane.

Now all I have to do is finish painting her, and fit her out!

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