Sunday 17 July 2022

Fibreglass Panels | Final Application

Some parts of the hull still required more fibreglass patches, so that was next.

When I 'glassed the cockpit I overlapped panels from the seatbacks and the cockpit deck, but unfortunately when smoothing the deck I sanded away the overlap which did not seem to have adhered securely to the other panel.

The same thing happened on both sides of the cockpit, so I ended up with a butt joint on the 'glass panels instead of a much stronger overlap.

So this need to be remedied. Here are the reinforcing strips laid in place, with the port strip wetted out.

The transom skirt still needed to be 'glassed, since I did not do that when the boat was upside down.

Here is the dry skirt panel laid in place.

And lastly here are the wetted out panels on the skirt and cockpit deck.

I will fill the weave and blend in the panels when fully cured.

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