Thursday 7 July 2022

Build Cradle | Reassembly

The original build cradle would be required to finish the build when we flipped the boat upright.

The front and rear ends of the cradle were originally held apart by a pair of flimsy strips of MDF which promptly snapped when I made a trial attempt at moving the boat outside on its own wheels.

So it would need substantial reinforcement if it was to be reused. It would also need to be padded to protect that precious paintwork.

I widened the slot for the keel so that there was plenty of room for it, and rounded over any rough edges and corners.

A pair of strong 4"x2" beams were installed to hold the cradle ends apart, and their support brackets doubled up for strength.

Finally a nylon exercise mat was cut up to provide padding for the cradle and stapled into place.

Here is the reassembled cradle.

The wheels will go back on nearer the day.

I also wanted to be sure that we dropped the boat into the right place on the cradle, so I made cradle end templates out of hardboard and held them the correct distance apart with one of the cradle beams.

I positioned this on the hull and marked the location of the inside face of each end with bits of tape.

This is what it looked like.

That will guide us on where to position the cradle on the big day.

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