Thursday 7 July 2022

Companionway & Tabernacle | More Primer & First Gloss

I had previously applied three coats of primer to the outside faces of the companionway hood and slide, and the tabernacle. Now it was time to prime the insides.

Here is the slide with three coats applied.

And here are the hood and tabernacle.

It would soon be time to turn the boat right side up, which will mean that one of the first tasks will be installation of the companionway hood.

I decided that it would be easier to paint the inside of the hood beforehand, as I had done with other parts of the boat. Hood and slide were accordingly sanded to a P120 finish, ready for gloss.

Here is the hood after the first coat of gloss was applied to its inside faces.

It will get several more coats and will be wet sanded to a good finish before installation.

At the same time I applied a coat of gloss to the exterior of the slide. As here.

The inside faces of the slide will be painted to match the cabin interior at the very end of the build.

Looking good!

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