Sunday 9 May 2021

Tabernacle | Making & Test Assembly

When the laminated sides had well and truly cured I cleaned them up.

The side pieces were marked out using the pattern provided and then cut and planed to shape, as here.

The bottom rear corner was rounded over to accommodate the fillet between the cabin wall and the deck, like this.

The bottom edges were trimmed carefully to size with a sharp plane and a bench hook, like this.

I had taken the angle for the bottom edge from the boat rather than the pattern, because patterns rarely conform exactly to the manufactured component. 

The first completed side piece was stood in place on the forward deck, as a test fit. It looked pretty good!

I then made the second side piece, in the same way.

Next I marked out the rear piece of the tabernacle, again using the pattern provided.

The next step was to fasten the pieces together to form the tabernacle. I decided to use temporary screws since I would need to disassemble and reassemble it a few times in the process of manufacture.

Here I am drilling the screw holes on the pillar drill, to make sure they are perpendicular.

The pieces were then carefully screwed together, like this.

This is the assembled tabernacle in the vice, with its curved rear edge being smoothed with a rasp.

The component was then test fitted in the boat, like this.

It looked like an excellent fit!

Finally, I took it to pieces and reassembled it with 8 gauge 1 1/2" bronze wood screws, like this.

The bronze screws are a fraction fatter than the temporary screws, and the 1 1/2" bronze screws are not long enough to securely join the strengthened sides and the back piece.

It turns out that 8 gauge bronze screws are not available in lengths greater than 1 3/4", so I drilled out the holes with an 8 gauge countersink bit to accept the shorter screws. This is the bit in the pillar drill.

I cannot glue the pieces together yet because they will need to be taken apart again to drill the bolt holes in the back piece.

We're getting there!

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