Sunday 9 May 2021

Drop Boards | Making Ply Boards

In between other tasks I decided on a whim to make a pair of plywood drop boards for the companionway.

The wood racks were now empty and I found that I had used some large pieces of scrap 6mm marine ply as a surface for the racks, so I used that!

The hull package provides patterns for the drop boards, so they are quick and simple to make.

Here I am marking out the bottom board with the pattern.

And here I am planing the curve on the top board, using a makeshift shooting board.

When trimmed to size the boards were dropped in for a test fit, as here.

Perfect fit! And looking good.

Finally I glued a flange to the bottom edge of the top board to seal the gap, like this.

I think I will use these rather than the Perspex boards provided in the package. I don't like the idea of people being able to see into my cabin!

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