Sunday 9 May 2021

Tabernacle | Cleaning Up & Drilling Holes

When fully cured I cleaned up the tabernacle.

I had plugged the countersunk holes for the wood screws, and also three screw holes which I had drilled on the wrong edge of one side piece.

So the plugs were trimmed with a Bonsai saw and a chisel, like this.

The tabernacle was sanded clean and drain and pivot holes were drilled.

Here I am marking in a 10mm drain hole in the bottom rear edge of each side, using this marvellous Iris drawing compass which was a gift from my son. Thanks Nick!

The pivot and drain holes were drilled with the drill guide to make sure they were perpendicular, like this.

And finally here are the finished drain holes, made into slots.

That's the tabernacle done!

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