Friday 25 September 2020

Dorade Boxes | Joints & Blocking

Next I needed to install some stout pieces of blocking on the inside face of each Dorade box, where mooring cleats would be fitted.

Before I did that I checked that the joints in each box were good and solid. They were.

Here is the corner joint at the front of the port Dorade box.

And here is the joint at the rear of the port box, where it meets the bulkhead.

They are solid with no voids, so all is well.

The pieces of blocking were held in place with a single temporary screw, to prevent them from slipping around during installation.

This is the blocking inside the port Dorade box, glued and clamped in place.

A pair of deep throated clamps proved ideal for this.

And this is the view from outside the port box.

You can see the temporary screw in the middle of the box.

Finally, here is the starboard blocking cleaned up after it had cured.

This is a very strong place to attach the mooring cleats in the forward deck well.

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