Friday 25 September 2020

Cabin Roof & Dorade Boxes | Getting Ready For Installation

In readiness for fitting the cabin roof I used a lot of blue tape to make cleaning up the squeezed out epoxy resin as easy as possible, and to make less mess.

First I taped up the sheerclamps, carlins and cleats in the cabin. Like this.

The inside of the Dorade boxes were similarly taped up, and protected with some plastic dust sheet material. As here in the port box.

There is piece of old cloth in the bottom, in case of drips.

Lastly the cabin roof itself was prepared with lots of blue tape, like this.

You can see that I painted the roof inside the Dorade boxes, because I thought it would be a lot easier than trying to do it later.

I found that using tape like this was an effective way of achieving clean joints when fitting the cockpit deck panels. In this instance it should be easier because I won't be laying on my back underneath the deck, with epoxy dripping into my hair!

Let's hope so ...

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