Thursday 6 June 2024

Keel Fillets | Refinishing

When I originally made the fillets for the keel it didn't go very well and I was never happy with the way they looked. 

They were lumpy and uneven, and even though no one would ever really notice unless they looked carefully, I had decided that I would take the opportunity of having the boat upside down again to refinish the fillets.

Purely cosmetic, but I was keen to do it!

So, I purchased plenty of fairing compound. This is what I have been using throughout the build.

It's Hempel Profair two part fairing compound, for use above and below the waterline. It's easy to apply and sand, and you can lay it on thickly if necessary.

I taped up the keel so I would get a nice straight fillet and laid down the first coat, like this.

I made a filleting tool when making the original fillets with thickened epoxy resin, so I cleaned it up and reused it. This is it.

It worked pretty well and was a great deal easier than working with epoxy resin, but it still left some drag marks. As you can see here.

It didn't matter, since the intention was to sand the fillets to an even profile.

A second coat was applied and shaped with a P80 grit. This is what it now looked like.

Lastly I feather edged the new fillets with a P80 grit and sanded them smooth with P150, ready for paint. As here.

Much better!

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