Thursday 6 June 2024

Bottom, Sides & Transom | Masking For White Primer

With the boot top stripe marked in it was time to tape and mask up for paint.

The build manual tells us to to paint the whole bottom white and then to paint the blue boot top strip on top of the white.

The blue and white sides and bottom continue onto the transom to form stripes around its edges, which I call the transom 'frame'. The manual appears to show that this was done separately to the sides and bottom.

I followed the manual's instructions to the letter and was never really happy with the outcome.

It was difficult and time consuming and resulted in significant 'steps' between sections of colour.

So I decided to paint all the white and blue sections separately and in one go.

This is the hull taped up for white paint, seen from the side.

And here is the view from the port quarter.

You can see that I can paint the bottom, both sides and the transom frame at the same time.

 Which I think is a much better idea.

I guess we will find out when I do it ..

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