Thursday 6 June 2024

Keel Fillets | Applying Primer

Part way through re-fairing the keel fillets I read the technical data for the fairing compound and discovered that I had to seal the fairing compound with the prescribed Hempel primer, which has to be used in conjunction with a specific Hempel thinners for brush cleaning.

Having previously suffered grievously from not obeying the paint manufacturer's instructions on which thinners to use I immediately ordered the two part Hempel primer and its thinners buddy.

Here they are.

This cosmetic enhancement is turning out to be quite expensive and time consuming, but what the heck ... I want it to be nice.

Two coats of the primer were applied, as in this pic.

It covered very well, and looks tough.

Then I pulled the tape and feathered the edges again, like this.

Here is another view from the rear.

That looks much better!

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