Thursday 6 June 2024

Bottom, Sides & Transom | Applying White Primer

It was time to start painting the boat again, which was a very welcome milestone event.

The white primer was the first to be applied.

I washed the surfaces with water to remove dust and dirt. Twice.

When dry I wiped the hull down with the specified thinners to remove any contaminants, and applied the first coat of primer. This is what it looked like.

Three more coats were carefully applied, following the paint manufacturer's recommendation to use a short pile microfiber roller to apply the paint and a high quality synthetic brush to tip it out.

It turned out pretty good. Here is the side view

And here is the view from the rear.

You can see that I am able to paint both sides and the transom in one pass, which is both quick and easy to do. It takes just one hour to apply a whole coat.

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