Saturday 28 May 2022

Side Panels| Touching Up Blemishes

When I pulled the tape from the masked off side panels it took some tiny bits of paint with it in a few places on the port side only.

As usual I have no idea why, but it should not be difficult to tidy up the resulting blemishes.

These are are four tiny holes in the paint, filled with epoxy filler.

The same thing had happened when I pulled the masking tape on the white bottom panel, which I filled in the same way.

When cured I wet sanded the blemishes to obtain a smooth surface and touched them up with gloss.

This is a white blemish after treatment, close up.

And here are some blue blemishes at the bow, close up.

They have effectively disappeared.

I know where they are and I can find them if I look hard enough, but I think I can safely say that they're gone!

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