Saturday 28 May 2022

Dings & Pivot Holes | Touching Up (2)

The first post on this topic showed how I I masked off the dings in the bottom panels which occurred when installing the centreboard, and did the same with the patches where the pivot pin had been installed in the keel.

Plenty off thin coats of gloss were then applied.

However, when I pulled the tape I found that I had created raised square patches of paint which were very obvious.

I shouldn't have masked them off. That would have allowed the patches of gloss to blend in with the hull surface more easily.

So, after much wet sanding with wet and dry paper and polishing compound I managed to flatten the patches and blend them in with the hull.

Here are the two patches on the port keel and hull.

Of course, you can't see them!

Like the blemishes I know where they are and can find them, but I think that any more work on the bottom of the hull would be a waste of time because it will be completely out of sight when the boat is upright again.

As always, we live and learn ...

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