Friday 2 July 2021

Mast | Rounding Over & Sanding

It was time to finish the mast in readiness for clear coating with resin, so outside it went for rounding over the edges.

Routing edges makes a lot of mess so I always do it outside, like this.

This was done with a bearing guided 1/2" round over cutter in the router.

The bottom 30" are left square, where the mast resides in the tabernacle. Here you see the small shoulder where the round over stops.

The tape told me where to stop routing.

And here is the top of the mast, rounded over with a rasp and sandpaper.

 Then the mast was taken inside and sanded smooth, as here.

Here is the sanded shoulder, looking nice.

Lastly it was stowed back on the boat to await clear coating.

We're getting there!

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