Saturday 9 May 2020

Footwell | Painting Interior Panels

When I had finished the fillets in the footwell I painted the sides and the sole which are inside the boat.

The stern compartment sides and sole received three coats of bilge paint, and finally for good measure I applied a final coat throughout the whole compartment, port and starboard. I lightly abraded the surface with P220 grit to get a good key. Here it is, looking nice.

Inside the cabin the footwell sides received two coats of undercoat and two of satin topcoat to get good coverage. Here is the port side ...

 … and here is the starboard side.

Painting the underside of the footwell sole in both compartments was very tricky. It's impossible to get under the sole in the stern, and it's very difficult in the cabin. I should have waited until the boat is turned over to finish the hull, when the rest of the cabin interior gets painted. But it's done now!

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