Saturday 9 May 2020

Cockpit Deck | Prep For Installation

Lessons learned when gluing down the footwell sole and the forward deck were that careful masking with tape and newspaper is essential to:
  • Prevent epoxy dripping onto finished parts of the boat
  • Allow squeezed out epoxy to be quickly and easily removed
  • Produce neat, clean joins between panels
So I spent a lot of time taping out the interior of the cabin and the deck frame in readiness for fitting cockpit decks.

This is what it looked like when I had finished.

I paid particular attention to the stern compartment where it would be difficult to remove the tape from the frames, with limited access through the hatch openings. Like this.

As with the forward deck, the plan is to remove squeezed out epoxy as quickly as possible, and then remove the blue tape from the deck frame to leave clean joins with no runs or drips.

This blue tape is relatively expensive but is infinitely better than conventional paper masking tape. It's very strong and comes away easily without tearing.

The next step is to prepare the cockpit deck panels themselves.

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