Saturday 16 February 2019

Storage Issues | Wood Racks

The first thing to note is that there is an awful lot of wood in this kit!

This is what my lovely wife described as the flat pack boat, like a wardrobe from Ikea. Not amused. I numbered each sheet of CNC cut marine ply so that I could easily find the one I needed in the pile.

And this is a large pile of Ash, Douglas Fir and Sapele. It's not all in the picture - there's more!

I made a pair of racks on wheels to store the timber, getting it safely off the floor and out of the way.

You can see that we are already sharing the racking with the chicken feed ...

All of the timber and ply is of excellent quality and beautifully cut. The timber  is really clear and does not contain a single knot.

The Douglas Fir is for the spars and the structural parts of the hull. The Ash is for the floorboards, mast tabernacle, companionway, and rudder. The Sapele is for the rub rails and trim.

I asked the good folks at Fyne Boats about storage of the marine ply parts. Their advice was to keep the sheets intact until the parts are required and only then to cut them out, and to store the sheets flat. This I did for a few weeks until it became just too hard losing a quarter of the floor space to storage, so cut out all the parts from the nineteen sheets, labelling them carefully as I went and cross referencing each part to the nineteen diagrams in the build manual.

I stood the biggest panels against the wall, and stored the rest under the beds in the house. Problem solved and room to swing a cat in the workshop again.

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