Wednesday 1 May 2024

Stripping Paint

It was time to remove the paint from the various components which had been removed from the boat.

I started on the drop boards. I tried using paint stripper but quickly realised that there was no real need, and switched to the sander and P80 grit, as here.

That didn't take long.

I used the sander on the centreboard too. I had to also use stripper on the curved surfaces, and it turned out well. This is it.

This is the paint stripping kit.

I am using a pair of Bahco scrapers, which are very effective. One bucket of water is for washing the scrapers, and another is for sponging the surfaces clean.

The outside of the tabernacle was easy to sand, but the inside had to be stripped. I used plenty of stripper left for 45 minutes, and then scrubbed the paint off with a stainless steel scouring ball. Like this.

That worked well. Here is the cleaned up tabernacle.

The rudder was next. I only used stripper here because of the many curved surfaces. It worked well. Here the rudder is partly stripped.

I stripped underneath the bottom plate too.

Encouraged by success, I then used stripper to remove all the paint from around the transom, as here.

The companionway slide came next. Here it is being stripped.

And here it is with just the front and rear faces left to do.

Lastly I stripped what little paint remained on the bottom of the keel. I masked off the transom to protect the varnish, and the centreboard slot to stop stripper from falling into it. Like this.

We're getting there. Again.

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