Wednesday 1 May 2024

Hull & Centreboard | Patching

When stripping the paint from the bottom and sides of the hull with the sander I inevitably sanded through the fibreglass to bare wood in a few places.

The same thing happened on the centreboard.

For this reason I am going to strip the topsides with paint stripper only, now I know how effective it is.

So, fibreglass cloth patches needed to be applied over all the bare spots.

I marked them all up with bits of tape so that I didn't miss any. As here.

And here are a few on the centreboard too.

I then applied 'glass patches with clear resin. Here they are on the bottom.

A second coat of resin filled the weave, and when fully cured I faired them smooth and flat with the sander.

I want the new paint to have the best possible substrate, and for the hull to be as strong as it can be. So although tedious and time consuming, this preparation is really important.

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