Monday 11 September 2023

Moving The Boat | Setting Up The Trailer

I ordered the trailer back in April and it arrived in June, sitting on my driveway outside the workshop.

I explained in a previous post that it was custom made for PocketShip by SBS Trailers, based on my measurements.

Here it is.

It has an extended tongue so I can keep the bowsprit in place when towing, and the tongue and winch post are fully adjustable.

So we should be able to get a really good fit for PocketShip.

It looked to me that everything was about right as it was, except for the height of the bunks.

The bunks are not meant to take any weight. Their purpose is to keep the boat upright. All the weight is taken by the rollers which support the keel of the boat.

So the bunks should be a very slightly loose fit.

I measured up and determined that the tops of the bunks should be 13" above the keel rollers.

Here I am adjusting the height using lengths of wood to hold the bunks at an even height.

That worked OK except when I double checked again to be certain I found that the correct height was 11", so that's what it is now set to.

I am hoping that it won't be too high or too low, which will require the bunks to be adjusted during the boat move. Which would be a nuisance, to put it mildly ...

The last task was setting up the lighting board and testing it. Here it is.

All ready for the big day!

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