Saturday 22 August 2020

Dorade Boxes | Sanding Fillets

Inevitably the time came when I had to create a nice finish on the Dorade box fillets before I could do anything else.

My standard practice now is to dress the fillets with a carbide burr in my corded Bosch drill to achieve a reasonable first finish. A carbide burr in the cordless Bosch is good for dressing fillets where they meet in the corners. Here they are, with the port box dressed.

After dressing the fillets are sanded by hand using profiled sanding rubbers made of cardboard until a good P80 grit finish is achieved. 

These are the fillets on the outside of the starboard box, after hand sanding.

Finally I applied fairing compound made from phenolic glass micro balloons and epoxy resin to achieve a smooth unblemished surface. Here are the starboard box outside fillets, after fairing.

And here are the faired fillets inside the box.

I was pleased to complete this activity!

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