Monday 3 August 2020

Cabin Roof Cleats | Making Patterns

While the Dorade box fillets were hardening to their terrible granite, sharkskin finish I switched to the easier task of making patterns for the cleats which support the cabin roof.

The build manual calls it a deck, but I won't be spending much time standing or sitting on it!

The patterns are easy to make. I clamped the sole remaining piece of scrap packing ply to bulkhead 2 and scribed in the curve, as here.

Here is the resulting pattern for the forward cabin wall, marked out. The upper, outside curve is being trimmed with the block plane.

And here is the lower, inside curve of the pattern being cleaned up with a rasp after cutting out.

Lastly, here are the three required patterns ready for use.

A quick and easy task, for a change!

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