Sunday 15 December 2019

Floorboards | Final Fitting

The inside of the hull had been painted and allowed to dry for several days for the paint to harden.

It was now time to permanently reinstall the finished floorboards which had been languishing in the house for several weeks. Hooray!

First I drilled out the pilot holes in the cleats. The floorboards are fastened with 1 1/2" silicon bronze, slot headed, countersunk wood screws. They are 8 gauge and fractionally fatter and longer than the temporary drywall screws used when making the boards, so the pilot holes needed to be very slightly enlarged.

Then I fitted the first four boards on the port side. Here they are.

The next four boards followed. One side of the cabin sole was complete!

Note that there is insufficient material in the cleats to use 1 1/2" screws to fasten the ends of the outermost two boards. I tried 1" screws but they are not long enough - 1 1/4" is just right.

The following day I installed all the starboard floorboards. Here is the result.

And here are the boards in the front of the cabin.

She is looking good!

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