Sunday 15 December 2019

Centreboard Case Cleats & Deck Frames | Making & Test Fitting

When I made the deck support cleats to attach to the hull and bulkheads I also made the cleats to attach to the top of the centreboard case.

I made the deck frames at the same time.

All were rounded over as required with a 3/8" bit on the router table.

I didn't fit the centreboard case cleats at the same time as the others because I could see in the build instructions that the bolt that goes through the case to support the centreboard pendant sheave is perilously close to the cleat.

The manual recommends not fitting washers to the bolt for this reason, which in my opinion is heresy.

It also states that I might have to shave the top off the inspection hatch flange for the same reason.

So, I ordered the hull hardware package in order to test fit the sheave and the hatches and modify parts accordingly.

There was something of a delay obtaining all the fittings, but eventually they arrived and I carried out a test fit.

Here are the cleats and frames, temporarily fitted.

As expected, the bolt and acorn nut were immediately adjacent to the cleat, as here.

There is just about room for the washers in a dry fit, but there won't be when the cleat is glued in place and the case is painted.

I decided to make a small indent on the inner face of the cleat to provide room for the washers, as here.

The inspection hatch was a good fit, with no need to trim the top of the flange. Like this.

That's good, I thought. Then I looked down into the case and saw that the fitting protrudes inside, and as fitted here would obstruct the centreboard. Here you can see a lip of about 1/8" or so sticking out inside the case.

That's no good! I will need to either fit a shim between the flange and the case, or trim the flange to remove the lip. No need to worry about that now ... it will be quite some time before I install the hull hardware!

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