Monday 11 November 2019

Floorboards | Levelling The Planks

During the whole exercise of fitting the floorboards it became obvious that some tuning of the height of the floors would be required to get them to sit level and fit nicely.  So out they all came again!

Shims were required on bulkhead 2 and floor 3, and I also decided to increase the width of the sister cleat on bulkhead 2 because I didn't think there was enough material for the screws to securely hold the floorboards. I made the shims from plywood scrap, tapered to make the floors level. Here are the modifications being glued up.

I also fitted an insert to the port side of the cleat on bulkhead 8 because it was not long enough to securely fasten down P4. Here it is.

I made and fitted mini cleats to floors 4 and 6 to support the lift out floorboards because the floor by itself was not wide enough for the job, as here.

Lastly all the floorboards were refitted (for third time!) to check for levelness.

All was well! Finally all the floorboards were taken out (again!) and rounded over with a 3/8" bearing guided router bit, and sanded smooth.

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