Thursday 23 November 2023

Moving The Boat | She's Back Inside!

I felt that the boat should be moved back into the workshop as soon as possible, before the weather turns too cold and wet for it to be enjoyable.

A crew of friends and family was assembled and a date was set. The move was scheduled for 1300 on Sunday 19th November.

The (by now) usual bribes of homemade pizza, cakes and biscuits, and bottles of beer were dished out.

Not much beer was consumed but everything else was devoured, as if by a plague of hungry locusts!

Here is the boat back inside and upside down again, seen from the side.

The manual says something about hoping that's the last time you see your boat the wrong way up when you flip it upright again.

Well, I've seen it upside down twice now and it hasn't even touched water!

Here she is, seen from astern.

This is one side of the rear dolly.

I had to raise the height of the front dolly and reinforce it, because I had measured incorrectly. This is what it now looks like.

I was relieved to have the boat back inside, although not looking forward to all the prep and painting that now lies ahead.


  1. Hang in there Stephen. I had a similar situation when varnishing my spars. The varnish wasn’t curing and remained tacky. The usual suspects were not the cause and I wound up sanding all the spars from varnish to bare wood and working back to varnish at least three times. - Martin (

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words Martin! I think I'm through grieving and now looking forward to reworking the finish. I've started sanding back to bare substrate which is very therapeutic.