Saturday 15 July 2023

Fitting Out | Preparation For The Portlights

 A quick test fit of a metal portlight showed that they no longer fitted due to the build-up of paint on the edges of the portholes.

So the holes had to be cleaned up, like this.

I used an abrasive cylinder in the drill. It did a quick and effective job.

I then made a final test fit of each portlight, practising final installation which will be with sealant.

First the outer flange is held in place with two machine screws, taped down so they don't move.

Then the portlight itself is fitted from the inside and secured with a dome nut and washer on the two screws. Like this.

Then the other four screws are inserted and taped in place, and the remaining washers and nuts are fitted inside.

Here is the fitted portlight, looking very smart. This one is open.

Final installation will be made in exactly the same way but with sealant on the inner and outer flanges, to completely seal the holes.

I removed the portlights and labelled their boxes so that each would go back into the same porthole, eliminating any issues about fit.

Having cleaned up the porthole edges they were now bare wood, which did not seem a good idea.

 So I masked off the topsides and applied two coats of clear resin to seal them up.

Next time we revisit the portlights will be their final installation!

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