Saturday 15 July 2023

Fitting Out | Companionway

The companionway drop boards and their retainers had been languishing inside the house for ages and it was time to give them a test fit.

The retainers are fastened in place with stainless steel machine screws, with washers and dome nuts inside the cabin.

Here are the drop boards in place.

And here is the companionway slide in place.

That looks good.

Next task was to fit the hasp to allow the slide to be locked. I made a test fit on a piece of scrap to get the dimensions right before drilling holes. This is it.

Then I marked up the slide and drop board and used the drill guide to make the screw holes in the slide. My first attempt at freehand drilling did not go well!

Here is the hasp, dry fitted.

Lastly, I made the final instalment of the hasp and the slide runners using sealant and set them in the cockpit to cure, as here.

That's the companionway finished!

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