Tuesday 13 June 2023

Dorade Boxes | Finishing The Filler Pieces

I explained in a previous post how I cut the holes for the ventilators in the wrong place in the Dorade boxes, describing it as a 'cock up'. It certainly was, and it took a long time to rectify.

The last time I posted about this I had just applied the first coat of gloss to the tops of the boxes. Ten coats were applied in all, brushed on and tipped out with a foam brush.

When the paint had hardened I wet sanded it with P800 grit to get a smooth, flat surface. This is what it looked like.

And this is what it looked like with the tape removed and the edges feathered out with P400 and P800 grits.

And finally this is what it looked like after being wet sanded from P1200 through to P2500 and finished off with P5000 and P9000 polishing compound.

It looks OK in the photo but I can see the flaws on both boxes, and it is bugging the hell out of me.

I'm hoping that it will be less discernible when the hardware is fitted, and also that I can polish up the surrounding deck and roof to a similar shine.

We will see ... I've had much worse things go wrong with PocketShip but this one has really annoyed me!

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