Tuesday 13 June 2023

Cabin Interior | Refresh

The interior of the cabin and the storage compartment had become a bit tatty and discoloured over the course of the build and I decided some time ago that I would repaint it at an appropriate moment.

The moment seemed to arrive when I started to plan hardware installation, so I purchased fresh paint and cleaned up inside the boat.

I masked off the portholes to prevent paint running down the topsides. Like this.

The paint I am using inside the boat is top quality, oil-based household paint. It is suitable for exterior use and I think it's a better choice than marine paint for the interior.

It is an eggshell finish (semi matt) so easy on the eye, and it's brilliant white so it contrasts nicely with the ivory white of the topsides.

Two coats were applied with a short-felt roller. This is the finished cabin looking aft.

And here it is looking forward.

That's better!

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