Tuesday 6 December 2022

Transom Frame | More Primer Required

While working on the rails I also started to finish off the transom.

Specifically, the blue and white frame lines around the edges of the transom needed to be completed.

Here is the already varnished transom with its protective covering removed.

You can see that the lower edge of the blue line across the top of the transom had already been masked off earlier in anticipation of this activity.

The varnish needed a little bit of tidying up but otherwise looked great, whereas the two white lines across the bottom of the transom had a nasty surprise in store for me.

They had both partly blistered while covered up and didn't look very good at all. Like this.

I have no idea how it happened. It looks like they have been exposed to solvent or something corrosive, but the adjacent blue paint and varnish are perfect.

It's yet another PocketShip mystery.

Both lines will have to be repainted.

In this pic the top blue line has been masked off, and both white lines at the bottom have been sanded to remove the blemishes and also masked off.

I covered the transom with plastic sheeting for protection.

Lastly the top and bottom lines were primed, as here.

This is the first coat. I will apply at least five coats before sanding ready for gloss.

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