Tuesday 6 December 2022

Spars & Other Bits | Finishing the Finish

While waiting for the varnish on the rails to harden I finished off all the spars and other varnished bits and pieces.

I wanted to achieve a smooth, flat, shiny finish - like the paintwork on the upper hull.

So, I started with the tiller. Being quite small it would not be a big deal if it didn't go well and had to be revarnished.

I went through the same routine as employed on the paintwork. Wet sanding with P800 through to P2500 grits and finishing off with P5000 and P9000 polishing compound.

Happily, it turned out well. Here it is sanded and polished.

The boom gallows followed. Here it is being sanded.

Next came the bowsprit. Here it is being polished.

The gaff followed. This is it being sanded.

I left the mast until last, being the biggest task by a long way. It also turned out really nice.

Here it is being polished.

That's the spars all finished. We are definitely getting there!

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