Sunday 3 October 2021

Keel | Making The Starboard Fillet

Satisfied that Peel Ply was the way to go for making fillets, I taped the keel up. The tape is about 1 1/2" from the seam, to give a nice wide and fat fillet.

I applied and roughly shaped the fillet, removed the blue tape, and cleaned up any excess resin.

Next I covered the fillet with a strip of Peel Ply. 

I then wetted out the strip with clear resin and shaped it with a 3" nylon roller.

It looked like this.

Close up you can see that the fillet is holding its shape and is nicely smooth, as here.

That's a huge improvement on previous filleting activities!

This is the cured fillet, with the Peel Ply removed.

It just needs to be sanded and faired and it will be ready for fibreglass.

We're getting there!

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