Sunday 8 August 2021

Flipping The Boat | Over She Goes!

At 6.30pm on Friday 6th August 2021 a momentous event took place in Tanners Lane, Eynsham.

PocketShip was flipped upside down!

It went perfectly without any drama, and was a lot of fun.

The boat is now sitting securely on dollies in the workshop, awaiting completion of the lower hull sides and bottom.

Here is the boat seen from the stern.

And here she is viewed from the bow.

At 6pm I assembled a large crew consisting of seventeen or eighteen friends and family members.

I had anticipated that the beer would be consumed  after the flip had taken place, but the crew decreed otherwise. Cold beers, chilled wine, and G&Ts soon flowed freely.

We lifted the boat off the supports and carried it out onto the driveway, where I had laid six 8x4' sheets of Sterling board to provide a flat surface for the dolly wheels and to protect the boat from damage on the gravel. Nine or ten people carried the boat with ease.

Then we turned it over and set it down carefully on the wheeled dollies and pushed it back into the workshop.

The whole thing took a matter of minutes!

Here we are carrying the boat out.

And here we are turning her over.

Here the boat is being set down on the dollies.

And lastly here the crew is pushing the boat back inside.

And that was that!

This is son Nick's crew.

And this is my crew ...

A fabulous evening was had by all, with a delicious meal of home-made pizza and salad provided by the two Alisons and Nicky.

A very proud and happy day - thank you everyone!

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