Sunday 8 August 2021

Cabin | Painting The Interior

The build manual tells us to paint the rest of the cabin interior when the boat is upside down, because it's more accessible.

So that's the upper half of the cabin and the underside of the cockpit deck.

I decided to make use of the delay in flipping the boat to at least start painting the interior.

This the first coat of undercoat on the starboard side.

Pretty patchy, as expected. A second coat was applied.

That's a bit better!

I was running out of time now because a date for the flip had been set, but I managed to apply a single top coat. It will definitely need a couple more coats when finishing, as you can see here.

It looks quite nice though. It looked even nicer when I removed the protective layers from the floorboards.

Here is a view of the starboard side.

And here is a view of the rear of the cabin.

She is looking quite smart now!

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