Wednesday 7 August 2019

Yet More Work On The Centre Board

While I was applying more clear epoxy to the hull interior, I did the same to the centre board.

First I started to sand the fibreglass strip which I had applied over the leading edge of the board. To my dismay the resin had not cured and the 'glass strip had not bonded to the first layer of 'glass underneath. I have no idea why - the strip was applied weeks before and it had plenty of time to cure in a warm workshop.

Anyway, I simply scraped it all off with the Bahco scraper. It came off easily, in soft sticky white strips. Very strange.

I then sanded the board on both sides to a smooth, matt finish and gave it a third and final coat of clear epoxy. Here it is, cured and shiny.

I decided that the additional strip of 'glass was in any case unnecessary since I had gone to the trouble of adding epoxy armour to the leading and trailing edges.

The next job is to sand the board to its final finish, which I will do when I am sanding the hull interior. Again.

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