Wednesday 7 August 2019

Second Coat Of Epoxy On The Bottom Of The Hull

With the hull's interior bottom and chines sanded ready for the next coat of clear epoxy, I got out the resin kit and started work with a 4" roller.

First I applied some 'band aid' fibreglass patches where I thought the bottom needed a bit more reinforcement.

The biggest was the overlap on the aft port side of bulkhead 2, where I had made a mess of the original and had previously ground off the rough 'glass ready for a patch. There were three or four other very small patches which may not have been important, but now I knew that the whole hull was fully covered inside with fibreglass cloth.

Here you can see the overlap onto bulkhead 2, and a patch where there was a small gap at the top of floor 3.

Then I cut and fitted some heavy duty 9 ounce 4" fibreglass tape to the inside of the stem and the chines in the bow compartment, wetting them out and applying a second coat of epoxy at the same time. As here.

After that I worked my way from the stern to the bow to apply a second coat to the transom and each bay until complete.

Here is bay 9.

And here is bay 8.

And finally by way of an example is bay 2.

Contrary to the opinion of some others I find that I am able to apply a thin, even coat with a roller. The cured surface is in any case sanded to a flat finish before the next coat. I will use a plastic squeegee to apply the third and final coat, to make sure it is super thin and even, ready for a paint finish.

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