Tuesday 28 January 2020

Putting Her To Bed For A While.

As mentioned in the previous post I am about to leave for an extended vacation, and decided to cover up PocketShip while I am away. Just in case.

So I cleaned out the interior and removed the plastic sheeting that I had taped in place to protect the paintwork while I was installing the footwell.

I did this because I was not sure what effect the tape would have on the painted surface over a lengthy period. It's only masking tape but I noticed it left a sticky mess on a cupboard door when left for a long while, so better safe than sorry ...

So I laid the cockpit deck panels in place, and covered the cabin area with an old sheet. Like this.

Then I laid the forward deck panel in place and weighted it down, as here.

That's it for a while. It will be April before I get back to the build, and I must admit that I am leaving it with a heavy heart.

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