Thursday 19 September 2019

Final Coat Of Epoxy Inside The Hull

The second coat of epoxy inside the hull was left to cure for a few days to make sure it was nice and hard, and then I sanded it smooth.

Then I applied the third and final coat of epoxy and again left that to cure properly before sanding it to an even and matt P80 finish.

This all took a little over a week to complete, during which I did little else.

I took plenty of photos but sanding is such a tedious activity, and I can't really see much point in boring readers with lots of pictures in which nothing much actually happens ...

Here is the stern compartment half way through its final sanding, showing the contrast between before (port) and after (starboard).

And here is the hull interior, finally sanded.

At this stage the centre board case is yet to be coated, so more sanding still to come!

At long last I was able to pencil in the final dates on the spreadsheet on my cupboard door.

On a practical note, it would have been impossible to keep track of this activity without a log of this kind.

There are nine bays in the hull, each with a port and starboard half, to be clear coated and sanded a total of three times. Easy to lose track of what you have (or have not) done, especially over an extended period of time as in my case.

Well, that's possibly the worst part of the build out of the way. Hooray!

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