Thursday 13 June 2019

More Fillets!

I mentioned in a previous post that I thought it would be necessary to overlap the fibreglass covering on the bottom panels of the hull up onto the sides of the centre board case. Advice from others and a closer look at the build manual confirmed that this is indeed a requirement.

When creating the epoxy resin fillets along all the hull panel joints I neglected for some reason to add fillets where the keelson and the centre board case are joined. It is in fact obvious that fillets are required on this join, otherwise it would not be possible to have an overlap of fibreglass cloth from the bottom panels up onto the case itself, since the cloth will only conform to a flat or a curved surface - sharp turns are not possible.

So … more fillets were called for! Readers of previous posts will know how much I enjoyed making and then sanding the hull fillets i.e. not at all, so it was a bit galling to realise there was more to come.

However, by this stage I was fairly proficient at making and shaping fillets, so it was no great hardship to create six more - three on each side of the centre board case.

Here they are, after creation.

And here they are after shaping and sanding.

While I was at it, and having some filleting material left over, I ran a small fillet up the join between the case and bulkhead 7. I will tidy this up later.

The next job is to add fibreglass to the bottom panels. A nice change from sanding fillets!

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