Monday 8 April 2019

More Stitching & Tuning | Gluing Bulkheads & Floors

I mentioned in my previous post that after fitting the bulkheads and floors I had a gap between bulkhead 1 and the bottom panels which I was not entirely happy about. There was also a gap between bulkhead 2 and the bottom panels, but to a lesser extent.

I experimented with a ratchet strap around the hull  and blocks of wood to pull the bottom panels upwards to the bulkheads, but it quickly became apparent that something would break if I went down that route. So that tactic was immediately abandoned!

Advice on the PocketShip Forum was to simply put in more wire stitches. There are clearly not enough holes for stitches in the panels as supplied. So that is what I did.

The gap below bulkhead 2 closed nicely with an additional three stitches in each side. This is what it looked like after tuning.

I added a lot more stitches to bulkhead 1 (four or five on each side) and that tightened things up as far as possible, leaving a small gap that will be easily taken up by the epoxy welds and fillets. Here it is after tuning.

So far, so good …

Then in readiness for the tack welding exercise I glued in bulkhead 7 and floor 4. This was a bit fiddly because they were already wired firmly in place and I had to force thickened epoxy into the joints - even trickier while leaning into the boat, hanging on to the centre board case and working one handed …

This is bulkhead 7 glued in place, secured with a temporary screw and a clamp.

And here is floor 4 glued and held in place with a heavy object.

All ready for the tack welding to start the following day!

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